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Welcome to the August edition of the Jewish Future Pledge Newsletter!

Pledges to date: The Jewish Future Pledge reached 8,493 Pledgers, and the Jewish Youth Pledge now has 7,761 youth Pledgers!

In this edition:

  • Pledger Joe Goldblatt shares why he sees himself as a Jew first and how he taught his children about “brief, bright, and brilliant” philanthropy
  • With the help of our partners at Time for My Story, we break down how to record a loved one’s life story
  • Everything new and newsworthy at the Jewish Future Pledge, including the Jewish Youth Pledge’s first partnership with a Jewish Day School

Pledger Spotlight: Joe Goldblatt

How did you teach your children about philanthropy? 

By example. That’s how I learned about philanthropy growing up. My parents were the founders of Dallas College, a community college that has now grown to include seven campuses. They did the right thing and knew I would notice. I take one step further with my children, though – I also discuss my choices, especially at holiday times. I tell them why I’ve chosen to support certain organizations.

I find that they respond best to brief, bright, and brilliant concepts – ones that are easy to explain, capture the imagination, and appeal to our hope and optimism for the future.

Joe Goldblatt is Emeritus Professor of Planned Events at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the founding president of the International Special Events Society and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Shanghai, China Jewish Refugee Museum, the treasurer of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association, and chair of the Beacons of Hope Fundraising Committee of the Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre. He lives in Scotland with his wife, Nancy and is a proud father and grandfather. 

To hear Joe Goldblatt’s full interview, in his own voice, click here.

How To: Preserve a Loved One’s Story

Passing treasured information on from generation to generation requires time, thought, and care. Here are five tips for story preservation, provided by one of our resources, Time for My Story.

1. Choose your medium. Do you want to create a photo album? A journal? A video montage or an audio recording? Decide ahead of time to ensure you have the necessary equipment.

2. Prepare interview questions. Whether you work with a service like Time for My Story or go the DIY route, an interviewer should create and send a list of questions and interview topics. Make sure the interviewee reviews them and knows what to expect. 

3. Write and Review. Be prepared to go through a few rounds of edits until you’re satisfied. Remember, this project will inspire your family for generations.

4. Design and Layout. Now that you’ve captured and edited the story, it’s time for the final touches. Add text to the screen if you’ve made a video or add photos with a nice design to a keepsake album. 

5. Publish / Share. Send your final product to family and friends so they can enjoy learning more about their history and connections. Consider creating a WhatsApp group or email chain to gather reactions and comments that will bring everyone together! 

For more information, visit

New and Newsworthy

Davis Academy Partners with Jewish Youth Pledge – Atlanta Jewish Times 

“The Alfred and Adele Davis Academy recently became the first Jewish day school to partner with the Jewish Youth Pledge, the entirety of the school’s graduating class having committed to participate in the program.”

The 17 Biggest Power Brokers and Advocates Shaping the Future of Judaism - Future of Jewish 

If you are a subscriber to Future of Jewish, you probably noticed that the Jewish Future Pledge was listed as one of the 17 Biggest Power Brokers and Advocates Shaping the Future of Judaism!

If you have not yet taken the Jewish Future Pledge, please do so by clicking here. If you have taken the Pledge, forward this email to your friends and family to share the importance of the Jewish Future Pledge!


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