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We stand with Israel.

The horrific terrorist attacks on the Jewish State of Israel have made abundantly clear that - despite our vibrance, pride, and culture’s survival throughout history - the Jewish Future is not guaranteed.

Acts of senseless hatred against the Jewish people and Israel can happen anywhere, by anyone, and at any time. But we will not relent. We will not let oppression, hate, or violence against our people result in victory. A People that refuses to submit cannot be defeated.

Click here to hear Jewish Future Pledge Founder Mike Leven’s reflections on Israel’s 75th anniversary earlier this year.

In addition to saying a prayer for the fallen and those bravely defending Israel, here are a few ways to make a difference during this critical time:

The time is now, because the future is now.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Mike Leven
Founder, The Jewish Future Pledge


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