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Welcome to the February edition of the Jewish Future Promise Newsletter.

Promisers to date: The Jewish Future Promise reached 47,809 Signers, and the Jewish Youth Promise now has 20,012 Youth Signers.

In case you missed it…

The Jewish Future Pledge is now the Jewish Future Promise! This name change marks a strategic expansion of the organization’s vision, emphasizing a universally accessible and deeply moral commitment to perpetuate the rich tapestry of Jewish narratives, principles, and cultural heritage. Click here to read more about this milestone update for our organization and community.

To celebrate JFP’s name change, Jewish actor and comedian Modi Rosenfeld, who recently signed as JFP’s 40,000th signer, released a pair of videos to help raise awareness and encourage people to sign the Jewish Future Promise.

We may have a new name, but unchanged is our commitment to providing resources for our community. If you haven’t already, take a moment to review our Resources page, which includes in-depth guides for starting family conversations about Jewish values and traditions, creating an ethical will, and writing a legacy.

Don’t miss our newest recurring website and newsletter feature as well – Ask Mrs. Rabinowitz! This lighthearted advice column is like a warm bowl of matzo ball soup for your soul – soothing and satisfying.

Join the laughter and the love with Mrs. Rabinowitz every month in our email newsletter, as well as on our website by clicking here.

Ask Mrs. Rabinowitz

Dear Mrs. Rabinowitz: I’m a 26-year-old single female. What’s the first thing I should look for in a man?

Mrs. Rabinowitz: A yarmulke. (I mean this is a Jewish advice column. What do you expect me to tell you — go look for somebody that rides in the rodeo?)

Dear Mrs. Rabinowitz: I’m worried about what the world will be like for my grandchildren and future generations of Jews. Anything I can do?

Mrs. Rabinowitz: Yes — you can go online and sign something called The Jewish Future Promise — a cost-free way to ensure that Jewish identity, traditions, and values remain strong in the future. Alternatively, you could be like my sister-in-law Seydel Gold and sit on your tuchos all day doing nothing.

Promiser Spotlight: Carolyn Siegel

Tell us about your organization, If You Heard What I Heard
When I was 8 years old, my grandfather and Holocaust survivor, Moses Locker, told me: “Carolyn, it will be the job of your generation to make sure the world never forgets.” Fast forward 30 years later, a synagogue near my home was graffitied with “F** the Jews.” My grandfather’s concerns had become reality, and I felt we were losing touch as fewer and fewer people could see and hear first-hand the horrific realities of the Holocaust.

I started filming the stories of the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and If You Heard What I Heard launched in April 2021 with 15 interviews. We now have over 40 interviews with an extensive waitlist.

How do your testimonials connect with younger generations?
The interviews are meant to be a less formal gateway to piquing your interest into diving deeper into our shared history, whether it be hearing about the Siege of Leningrad or rarely heard stories of Jews escaping Greece during the Holocaust. These testimonials are important not only so we can know and connect to our own history, but also to have a modern, relatable way to inspire empathy and compassion among non-Jewish allies.

Why did you take the Jewish Future Promise?
I was raised with a sense of Tikkun Olam, and that Tikkun Olam starts at home. By not safeguarding and taking care of our own, I would be doing a disservice to my grandparents and my family that was lost in the Holocaust.

See Carolyn’s full promiser spotlight article here, and learn more about If You Heard What I Heard at


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